The Apprentice Academy

Learn an Investor strategy that you can repeat over and over for the rest of your life.

    • Complete 4-hour Proprietary Apprentice Video Series breaking down our whole philosophy and trend-following strategy into easy to understand, bite-sized chunks
    • Private Facebook Community where the co-founders interact DAILY with members
    • Bespoke Analysis Charting Tools and Training Videos allowing you to decrease the amount of time spent on analysis and help to clearly identify investing opportunities
    • ​Bespoke Execution Charting Tools & Training Videos showing you exactly where your entry and stoploss should be, assisting you to get in and out of investments at the right time
    • ​Daily Scanned Stocks List saving you £1000s in scanner subscription costs, giving you access to only the best investment opportunities
    • Telegram Notification Service keeping you up to date with all of Sublime Trading’s announcements & other vital information


We will give you our high probability strategy and checklist to ensure you enter only the best opportunities in the markets.

Understand how to open investments in the UK and US stock markets, the currency market, and the commodities market.

You will have a full understanding of when to open investments and when to exit them at the best time.

Course content:

  • 4 hours of video content
  • Lessons on the technical aspects of investing
  • Comprehensive trading plan
  • Apprentice investing strategy
  • Tutorial on using your trading broker
  • Position Sizing Calculator (PSC) to help calculate and manage your risk for each investment
  • Trading software proprietary tools
  • Access to our weekly interactive webinars