About Us

Our mission statement

Knowledge-finder is an online learning platform filling the gap between formal education and self-learning making practical information accessible to all socioeconomic groups. Most people need a well-rounded skill set to be successful in their chosen field. We have partnered with industry experts that have vast amounts of real-world experience to give you insight into the professional world.

Our platform is for both people that have taken the traditional academic route as well as those that have not. You may have studied a particular subject but in the reality having sales skills, financial literacy and knowing how to communicate are just some of the other skills required to be successful.

We have beginner and advanced level courses on subjects we have know are extremely valuable in the professional world. We also provide instructor lead boot camps that allow you to learn with others and connect with subject matter experts. Our boot camps can be attended virtually expanding learning and career opportunities to all regardless of location. Our platform allows academics, authors, entertainers, and community leaders to share information that empowers others. As well as network and connect with mentors that have already walked the walk.

Our aims

To become the number 1 authoritative source of empowering information making information accessible to all socioeconomic groups.

Reduce the time spent scrolling through the internet watching unverified content and connect directly with industry experts.

To provide information on how to start a career or business in an industry you are passionate about.

To promote diversity across all levels in the corporate world.

To highlight professions and job roles you may not have learnt about earlier in life. Certain career opportunities are no longer reserved for those who can afford private schooling.

Learning new skills is one of the coolest, most invigorating things for human beings.

We share information in a way that is entertaining, engaging and enlightens. Inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone and achieve their full potential.

To provide information on how to start a career or business in an industry you are passionate about.

If you are wondering why

If you were to start the journey of learning black history starting where would you start? How much information about black history before colonialism is available at your fingertips? If you do come across information how do you know it is credible? Our experience and research suggest it is extremely difficult to find such information online. We aim to consolidate this knowledge for those who may not be able to travel the globe to gain access to credible sources.


Many see a career in finance as one for those who are great with numbers. Anyone working in the industry will tell you this is a myth. There are many different professions within the financial industry and your personality may be perfect for one of them.

Talented individuals bless the media industry with a vast amount of entertaining content, but how many of those viewers engaged understand the professional skills that are held within teams that are behind today’s biggest musicians? Knowledge finder provides insight into some of the careers that support today’s talented creative individuals.

How many of us have used the phrase I wish I learnt that in school? Life’s practical skills such as financial literacy, investing and even starting a business are not included or covered in great depth in secondary schools. Traditional academic institutions give us a solid foundation but to excel in today’s ever-changing world we are always required to learn new skills and technologies.

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